Stephanie Wu (b.1993) is a Toronto based interdisciplinary artist with a BFA in Studio Arts from Concordia University, Montreal. She completed the last year of her degree at San Francisco State University and spent another year in the Bay Area to exhibit her work, curate and work in art education. Wu has exhibited work in Montreal, the Greater Toronto Area, and the Bay Area (San Francisco and Berkeley). She is currently working as an art educator at Peel Art Gallery and Museum Archives in Brampton, Ontario.

In her practice, Wu research discussions on gender and sexuality in contemporary Asian culture. Her current body of work PROMISED LAND examines β€œqueerness” through her own suburban and religious upbringing as a queer-identified first generation Chinese Canadian.

Wu is also interested in the relationship between mental health and the role escapism plays in North American contemporary culture. Through the use of computer software, installations and projections, Wu constructs satirical utopias that reflect on the hedonistic routines used for self-medication and/or distraction from reality.

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