During my residency at Markham Public Libraries in summer 2016, I worked with the residents in Markham to create a video installation titled here-there. The residency took place in the summer when many families were leaving the suburbs to spend time in larger cities or out of the country. I was interested to see what the word "escape" meant for residents and what the word "vacation" looked like for them. For those that stayed in Markham, the library and project became a place for exploration, learning and escape. 

Video making workshops were held throughout the Summer at the seven Markham Public Library branches. Participants were encouraged to film a 10 second video of themselves acting out their ideal vacation. The video was imported into an app called Draw on Video Square and participants had the opportunity to draw on imaginary backgrounds, subjects and objects in their video. The videos were collected, transformed into GIFs and tiles together into a grid for projection at Markham Public Library branches. 

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